Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hey Amie'J..............

I don't know if this is something you will ever see. I have wanted to write a post here in hopes you might read it sometime but have delayed, delayed, delayed. To try and keep this short I won't go into detail but I do want to say I have learned a lot about myself since we last saw each other. I am not an easy person to live with or love and I do make mistakes. I had no idea how hard it may have been for you for all the years we were together. I owe many apologies. I am not taking 100% responsibility but I sure own my part. I may have not love you correctly all the time but I sure could have never loved you more. I worry for the girl I knew and loved. Know after the years we have all moved on and no one here spends much time or effort in a rage or anger over things. Water under the bridge as it were. Everyone has moved on and forgotten or forgiven or whatever. I do worry about our son. He is the one left with hurt and hardship over things. You have missed many good things in his life. Time to stop missing him and heal things there. Thanks for your part in the man he has become, and the woman my Bugsy is as well. I hope you have found all you desired and I hope you are happy. No hard feelings here, only about Jamesy. Anything I can do to help there I will. Good luck to you in your life, Steve

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